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четверг, 10 августа 2017 г.
Эми Роyз 13 ноября 2011 г. 13:27:15

Приветик всем!

Всем приветик!O:-)­
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12:11:38 Гость
Привет Эми
12:14:47 Гость
Как дела
08:05:38 Darinie Rose
Привет привет приветик
08:08:04 Darinie Rose
Извини что приветствую через большое время
вторник, 12 ноября 2013 г.
Эми Роyз 11 февраля 2012 г. 12:59:34

Предисловие Эми Роуз!

Привет! Я, Эми Роуз! Это я-­ i74.beon.ru/65/89/2178965/18/87311118/rose_by_garugirosonicshadowd4uri611.png Моя марка...
Я, Эми Роуз!
Это я-­­­
Моя марка:­­
Мой эпиграф:­­
Моя надпись:­­
Моя кнопка:­­­

Признаемся мне в дружбе и в любви:http://in-hea­rt.ru/25733

Правила? Да какие там правила?! Просто танцуем и поем. ^_^

Теперь Моя анимация:


И, обо мне:

Имя: Настя
Город проживания: Москва
День Рождения: 12.05.2001 г.
Знак зодиака: Телец
Интересы: Читайте биографию или в ЛС подробнее.
Возраст: 11 лет.
Родная сестра: Николь. (Пользователь: ­Кoшка Блейз)
Ну, пожалуй всё!^^
Добро пожаловать в мой домик!^^


Я подписываю авики и свои работы:
Эми Роуз
Эми Р.
Э. Роуз
Amy Rose
Amy R.
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Подпись: Эми Роуз
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03:36:25 Соник летучая мышь
Эми привет! Я соник но не ёж а летучая мышь
03:45:12 Соник летучая мышь
i71.mindmix.ru/39/89/428939/32/8105232/4.jpeg А теперь фотки меня
четверг, 3 января 2013 г.
Эми Роyз 11 февраля 2012 г. 12:44:04

Тест: Кто ты из девчонок СоникХ?! h...

­Тест: Кто ты из девчонок СоникХ?! Ты Эми i34.mindmix.ru/22/7/50722/83/600983/picnormal_Amy___All_alone_in_the_rain_by_Tigerfog.jpeg i34.mindmix.ru/22/7/50722/84/600984/picnormal_amy_rose_____pink_shine___by_ann_jey.jpeg...
­Тест: Кто ты из девчонок СоникХ?!
Ты Эми

­­ ­­ ­­
Пройти тест: http://mindmix.ru/t­ests/4-509.html
14:10:29 Lera Dark
хороший тест,спасибо:-)­
четверг, 30 августа 2012 г.
Эми Роyз 22 февраля 2012 г. 18:35:53

Тест: Кто ты из второстепенных девч...

­Тест: Кто ты из второстепенных девчонок соника? ты банни n the Archie and SataAM universes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Bunnie Rabbot is a cyborg (half robot) rabbit with a thick Southern accent, who featured prominently in the Sonic animated series, Sonic the Hedgehog. Bunnie is one of the...
­Тест: Кто ты из второстепенных девчонок соника?
ты банни

n the Archie and SataAM universes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Bunnie Rabbot is a cyborg (half robot) rabbit with a thick Southern accent, who featured prominently in the Sonic animated series, Sonic the Hedgehog. Bunnie is one of the "Freedom Fighters" combatting Dr. Robotnik. Bunnie is often the fearless or reckless one, honest to herself and to others, and is very loyal, especially to her friend Sally Acorn. In SatAM she is voiced by Christine Cavanaugh.

Bunnie is a golden furry rabbit with blond hair and green eyes. She is partially roboticized: everything from the hips down (excluding her tail), and her left arm and shoulder. Her early set of parts were primitive, as was Dr. Robotnik's technology; a later upgrade gave a more 'natural' shape.

Bunnie first appeared in issue the story "Rabbot Deployment" in issue #3 of the original Archie comic series of Sonic the Hedgehog. Although she had been put into one of Dr. Robotnik's roboticization machines, Sonic and company pulled her out half way through the process: one arm, everything from the hips down, and certain internal organs were replaced with cybernetics. It was after that she joined the "Freedom Fighters." Although not part of the original team, she has not left since the first year.

In "Bunnie's Nightmare" (Sonic #37), Robotnik capitalized on her fears of becoming fully roboticized; using a hologram device, she convinced herself and others that a microdot in her roboticized body had activated, and was slowly finishing the job. It turned out to be a bad dream (hence the story's title).

In "Rage Against the Machine" (Sonic #39), Sonic proposed that he let himself get roboticized, while wearing a neural overload device, so he would retain his free will but gain the powers of roboticization. Bunnie strongly disagreed with the plan, more so than the other freedom fighters. However, before he can enact it, Nack the Weasel knocks him out, and Robotnik roboticizes him with the neural overload device to aid her. Bunnie must take her fully-roboticized, better-seasoned friend one-on-one; this story was resolved in the Sonic 'Mecha Madness' special.

In "Enemy Mine" (Sonic #95), Bunnie co-starred with Sonic, but the story did not suit her strengths, being a story about deception and mystery.

In "Bat Fight!" (Sonic #116), she had her own story: an eight-page 'duel' versus Rouge. Although the fight started when Rouge mistook Bunnie for a swat-bot, the duel stayed personal as the two duked it out in a ruins.

In "Dust Bunnie" (Sonic #119), Bunnie had a solo adventure versus the Sand Crew, an enemy that had not been seen for nearly five years.

In addition, in the free sample comic Archie gives away to promote the Sonic comic, Sonic and Bunnie are in a noir-styled setting as they infiltrate a 'seedy dive'.
Other Events

Recent Changes

In the Archie Comics, she was until recently deeply in love with Antoine D' Coolette.

In the Sonic Special comic, "Girls Rule," Bunnie was upgraded from her SaTaM design with a more modern-looking, stronger set of cybernetics, including abilities such as flight. This upgrade was necessary as her immune system finally caught up with Robotnik's technology, and attempted to rejected it; the 'upgrade' made her body symbiotic with the cybernetics, so now nothing short of an extreme plot device can remove it. This was also the point where she fully accepted her half-robotic nature; before then, she dreamed of becoming 'normal' again, and continuing with her original life's dream to be a hairdresser.

In the comic "Girls Rule" it was revealed that it was Antoine D' Coolette , or "Sugah-Twain" as Bunnie called him, who encouraged her to choose the upgrade, promising that he didn't "care as long as [they] face each day together". Later in the issue of "Wedding Bells?", Bunnie finally realized her dream, becoming Bunnie D' Coolette. Bunnie married Antoine D' Coolette with Sally Acorn as her own Maid of Honor and bridesmaid.
Пройти тест: http://mindmix.ru/t­ests/26-305.html
07:58:01 Гость
Банни рулит! БанниАнтуан форевер!=^B­
вторник, 29 мая 2012 г.
Amy Rose love Shadow 26 ноября 2011 г. 13:23:00


Всех приветствую! Давайте знакомиться?) :-)­
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19:46:06 Эми Роyз
Меня зовут Настя, называй меня Эми Роуз или просто Эми.;-)­
21:18:47 Amy Rose love Shadow
Приятно познакомится. Моё имя Дарья.
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Дневник Эми Роуз! > Дискуссии (время и автор последних комментариев у дискуссий, в которых Вы принимали участие)

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